Let us hang your frames for you!

Rocos Contracting is specialized in any type of frames hanging. Is it a painting, a large mirror or a wall grouping of photos? No matter what or where, even in hard to reach places, we can safely hang it with style and taste.

The experience of our installers team enables us to choose the best frames placement by taking into consideration variables like room color, the overall style of the house, size and type of the art itself and your personal preferences.

We can drill into concrete walls, brick, special finishes and tiled surfaces. We use the best techniques to distribute weight and ensure a safe, accurate and stable installation.


Frames hanging services that we offer:

Layout & Hanging
We will listen and advise you in order to create the perfect feel and look for your pictures, collages, photo groupings, mirrors and correct positioning requirements.

Dry Wall Hanging
We choose the correct fixings and can hang almost anything safely onto a drywall. Our installers can also test for internal beams and if necessary, use them to support heavier items.

Bathroom Accessories
From toilet roll holders, towel rails to glass shelves in showers and mirrors. Our installers test for copper water pipes, electrical conduit and use specialized drill bits for all surfaces.

Gallery Hanging System
We can source and install quality anodized aluminum gallery hanging systems, which are often used for galleries, expos, museums and exhibitions, places where art is frequently changed and the traffic is dense. The system is strong, flexible and it adapts quickly to changing needs. It also works perfectly when hanging artwork against a mirrored wall.

Security Hanging
It is important for artworks or other objects to be securely installed to exclude the risk of unnecessary movement, bumping or knocking off the wall. At Rocos Contracting we use different security mechanisms adjustable for a variety of artworks’ sizes and situations.

Our team of professional installers provides the following frames hanging services:

  • Professional Groupings

  • Office Signage

  • Poster Frames &Credentials

  • Commercial Art Installations

  • Drapery Installation

  • Hanging Tapestries and Rugs

  • Decorative/Floating Shelves

  • Handling Fine Art/Delicate Frames

  • Securing Mirrors of All Sizes

  • Hanging Sculptures

Skip yourself the stress of hanging something in a place it does not belong. Give us a call – we will help you do it the right way.

Feel free to ask for an estimated budget or timelines.

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