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Rocos Contracting professionals provide fast and reliable plumbing jobs and can accomplish almost all your home needs.

From routine leaks and drips to more complicated problems such as pipe, fixture and drain repair.


Our team of professional technicians provides the following services (Part 1):

• Installation of toilets and bidets;
• Installation of sinks and basins;
• Installation of pipes and traps;
• Installation baths, showers, and shower screens;
• Installation white goods appliances;
• Installation of taps, valves, and joints;
• Installation macerator and waste disposal units;
• Traps, wastes and plugs repairs;
• Toilets repairs (including flush mechanisms, cisterns, and overflows);
• Taps repairs (including changing washers or cartridges).

Our team of professional technicians provides the following services (Part 2):

• Plumbing connections and joints repairs;
• Leaking pipe-work repairs;
• Kitchen sinks, baths and showers unblock;
• Toilets and urinals unblock;
• Internal waste pipes unblock;
• Sink, showers, baths, and toilets replacing;
• Taps replacing;
• Cartridges replacing;
• Radiators replacing and repairs (including bleeding and balancing, or overhauling valves);
• Dishwashers and washing machines replacing;
• Rod drains and gullies.

We also provide additional services related to plumbing:

Water Heaters
Our experienced plumbing technicians can upgrade your home with a new conventional tank water heater, perform quality jobs from gas regulators to thermal couples and even consult you on the benefits of new tankless water heaters.

Sewer Line Leaks and Repairs
Under-slab sewer line leaks can cause a lot of trouble, especially if under the house. Our professionals use Hydrostatic and Isolation tests to determine which line is leaking. Only then, the right solution will be determined and executed.

Drain Cleaning
Plumbing back-ups are a serious matter that can create lots of headaches. Rocos professional plumbers will eliminate the hold-up and advice you on how to avoid future back-ups.

Backflow Preventers
Our plumbers can diagnose, replace and install new backflow preventers.

Water Purification
Water purification devices vary in sizes. Our team of technicians can help you determine the correct size based on your needs and the particularities of your home.

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