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Window wrapping and tinting can be a great improvement for your home. It offers many benefits including safety, heat reduction, and increased privacy. And while it is possible to do it yourself, the process includes steps like cutting and form-fitting that can turn into a time-consuming and even stressful activity. One wrong measurement, one uneven cut, and you will need to start from the beginning.

Skip yourself the trouble and give us a chance to surprise you with our skills. Rocos installers offer professional services of window wrapping.


Feel free to have a look at the window wrapping services we provide:

Tint in charcoal and earth tones

Our installers can apply tint in charcoal and earth tones with special reflective effect. For more discerning customers, there are alternatives for security and privacy films. Security window film is often used to guard against hurricanes, vandalism, and theft because it’s extra-durable and sometimes consisting of several protective layers.

Mirror/reflective window tint

Mirror/reflective window tint allows you to see outside but preventing others from seeing inside. It is the perfect choice for privacy during daylight hours.

Translucent window tint

Translucent window tint gives you privacy 24/7. It lets the light through, but prevents outsiders from seeing inside during both day and night.

This is important!

Residential window tint has to look like part of the glass. That is why it has to be applied by a professional.  

Rocos Contracting installers perform seamless installations, and they will make sure your new home window film is free of wrinkles, bubbles or creases. We can spot potential problems that might affect the tint’s performance and adjust the application accordingly.

More benefits of the Residential Window Tint:

  • Lowers air conditioning costs during hot weather;

  • Controls UV Rays to Help Reduce Sun-Related Skin Damage or Skin Cancer (especially for those already affected);

  • Glare Reduction & Increased Safety and Privacy.

For all these benefits, call us now! Our professional team of installers will make sure your window tints look beautiful and last for a long time.

Feel free to ask for an estimated budget or timelines.

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